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Relentlessly focused on the employee experience.

Based in Buffalo, New York, Wayforward is an organizational change management firm driven by a team of seasoned HR executives.

Our approach.

Wayforward associates have deep backgrounds in change management of challenging environments. Our firm excels in guiding a variety of industries through significant periods of change and internal challenges, with a special focus on employee experience assessments (EEX).

We apply a highly deliberate process – designed with intention down to the last detail – to maximize buy-in and trust with your workforce. We’re laying the groundwork for change management at every juncture.

Our practices and philosophies are real, tangible, applicable superchargers for companies. Because these strategies are rooted in lived experience, we’ve found they work consistently, swiftly, and to an extent that is wildly effective.

Wayforward was created as an outside resource for leaders who were ready and hungry for validation. They know that there must be another move – a way forward. We allow leaders to put internal organizational challenges in their rearview, and to do it quickly.

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When we get involved.

Most executive teams are referred to us because they are grappling with annternal challenge that we have handled for those they trust in other organizations. The problems they may be experiencing generally fall into one of eight categories:

Challenges in Operational Performance

We focus on improving front-line performance through human systems engineering. By addressing barriers to successful performance identified through employee experience assessments, we facilitate real change in a way that many employers haven’t seen before.

Becoming an Employer of Choice: Eliminating Turnover Problems

We impart best-in-class retention and recruitment strategies, improving the candidate and onboarding experiences, and eliminating the root causes of turnover.

Threats to Performance Culture: Low Morale & Employee Engagement

We try to avoid using words like “culture” and “engagement.” From where we stand, these buzzwords aren’t sufficiently tied to concrete results. However, this type of engagement is tied to building a positive employment environment that increases the connection between individual efforts and operational outcomes. These tend to deal with topics like camaraderie, training, and work environment.

Leadership Dynamics & Decision-Making

Our work focuses on executive performance development, their ability to leverage their everyday efforts toward strategic goals, and, above all, resolving the challenges that disrupt executive decision-making processes in their organization.

Strategic Planning & Change Management

We facilitate the planning and implementation of mergers and acquisitions, product strategy shifts, long-term planning, creation of new divisions, and other major changes. These sessions are centered around a strong connection between the strategic and the tangible. Because it is our belief that most strategic plans fail on Monday morning, we prioritize immediate “rocks” and employee buy-in on the change efforts.

Customer-Centric Organizational Growth

Employee experience work and customer experience work go hand in hand. We routinely find that if a customer is experiencing an issue, it is because employees are experiencing a very similar one. But this work isn’t always rooted in problems. Often, we help our clients understand the customer (or prospective customer) experience and process decisions completely outside of our products or services. This allows our client organizations to target sales strategy growth through a deeper understanding of who their customer is and what they need to do more business with us.

Operational Excellence & Process Optimization

When barriers within the employee experience are intimately tied to an issue like equipment, inventory management, or another ‘hard science’ problem, we apply a problem-solving approach to operational challenges, heavily leveraging Six Sigma methodology and high-stakes investigations.

Effective Organizational Communication

Often discovered within the other challenges we’re working on,this client problem concentrates on enhancing decision-making and information flow through improved communication systems and feedback mechanisms. From a systems standpoint, if a client engagement begins with this challenge, it is usually because an engagement survey identified communication as an issue, and leadership was left with more questions than answers on what the root of the issue truly is.

How we engage.

Most initial engagements are project-based, always with clear timelines and deliverables.

Once we have delivered an assessment report or strategic plan, many of our clients wish to engage on an ongoing basis for oversight of implementation. This might include oversight of action plans, executive performance coaching, or serving as a fractional or interim member of the leadership team.

The Values That Guide Us

Do what you say you will do

Our reputation is more precious to us than any accolade or financial incentive. When everything else is stripped away, the last thing a person has is their word. When we give you our word on something, we will follow through.

Whatever it takes

The right way to do things is often the most difficult. And our passion is helping organizations when things look bleakest. We are here to say that there is always another move. We will do what it takes to get our clients across the finish line. Tenacity of purpose is our identity.

Do the right thing

Most organizations list values like integrity, empathy, excellence, quality, fairness, or candor. It’s important for us to wrap all of those important sentiments into a single statement. In all things. At all times. With all others. No shortcuts, no easy way out. Just doing the right thing.

Leave it better than you found it

Is a long-term, productive mindset. Though we are likely a temporary part of your leadership, your organization grows best when we plant trees whose shade we know we may never sit under.

Fully Engaged

We are effective because we’re always on. To maintain a high level of daily focus, we’re disciplined in managing our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.

Grow or die

We exist to be the catalyst for our clients’ future success and upward trajectory. It’s a responsibility we take very personally. If you don’t thrive, we both fail.

Trust people the way you want to be trusted

From the faith in our outcomes to the way clients pay us, trust is our currency. And we fiercely defend it.

Client Testimonials: Beyond Expectations.

Strategic Vision in Human Systems: Our Founder’s Path

Wayforward’s chief advisor, Dustin Snyder stands out as a highly accomplished HR executive, whose career trajectory and formidable academic credentials underscore his unique capability to guide C-suite and HR executives through complex organizational transformations. Prior to founding Wayforward, Snyder’s tenure included pivotal roles like President of the US manufacturing division of Aurubis AG, where he led the turnaround of a 600-employee operation.

This achievement fell right in alongside his previous roles in driving more profitable operating results by leveraging robust management culture and fostering trusting, engaged workforce relationships at large manufacturing and healthcare organizations – and the successful sale of prior business ventures in the customer experience field. Snyder’s academic credentials include a Black Belt in Six Sigma, an MBA from the University at Buffalo Jacob’s School of Management, an MA in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Cornell University, and certification in the MBTI Assessment from the Meyers-Briggs Institute.

Challenge the Status Quo as a Wayforward Associate

Our promise to clients is built from the most cunning and confident minds in the human resources sphere. Experience is one thing. What someone has accomplished for the hours they’ve devoted is another. Knowledge without application isn’t of much interest to the organizations that need our help.

If you’re someone with executive experience who is interested in joining our team, please take a moment to complete our readiness quiz here. It will give you a strong sense for what it entails.

If you’ve completed the readiness quiz and would like to share your stories of change and impact on human systems with us, we’d love to sit down and get to know you better. Come by the office for an exceptionally good cup of coffee and an even better conversation. Or, if you’re not in the Buffalo, NY area – we can set a virtual coffee.

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The story of our brand

The idler wheel plays an important role in the efficient and accurate functioning of a compound bow. Limbs bend and flex when the bowstring is pulled, and an idler wheel is built to withstand pressure and torque when the bow shoots an arrow.

Much like the stresses a business endures throughout its life, Wayforward plays the role of the idler wheel, helping keep the company shooting straight while allowing it to withstand the pressures of change.

Redefine your organization's future with Wayforward.