The Challenge: Creation of a New Division

A large multinational aerospace OEM intended to launch a new division to specialize on a growing segment of an existing product line. It was extraordinarily important to the client that this division’s organizational structure and leadership approach receive a very strong foundation, and be planned with the primary focus being on human systems.

Assessment Insights


It was clear that the client organization had selected the new division’s leadership team because of the tenacity they displayed in leading with their core values. However, they had an extraordinarily challenging task: integrate a management team that was being sourced from many other divisions, cultures, and continents – many of whom had never met each other before. The task was to lay a strong foundation for a highly technical division serving ambitious customer requirements without any room for error or learning curve.

Applied Methods

A strategic planning offsite was conducted for the executives who had been selected to lead the new division.

Following the strategic planning offsite, including strong values and mission alignment, we conducted a second offsite for the expanded senior management team who had been tapped for this new division – a total of 45 leaders. This session was used to inform the implementation of that strategic plan within each segment of the division and its support departments. KPIs were set within these areas to support the division-level KPIs and keep them on-track.

Of the greatest value in this offsite was the way in which the agenda allowed this expanded management team to inform the implementation by contributing a strong front-line perspective on the competencies and barriers present within the organization. Both structural/technical issues and cultural challenges were unpacked.Plans laid to remove these barriers in practice for more cohesive collaboration across functions in order to successfully meet the KPIs.