The Challenge: Aligning around a unified company strategy

A large SAAS company was experiencing massive challenges in integrating a unified approach to sales and marketing. A rapidly evolving and diverse customer base with many distinct needs was coupled with the complexities of a global organization. The senior leadership team was grappling with the absence of a single, unifying strategy that they could all buy-in to.

Assessment Insights

After years of mergers and acquisitions, the philosophies and approaches of each legacy company were often more influential in the organization’s operations than leadership’s direction. Previous leadership strategies had failed to take into account the way in which employees experienced competing priorities and barriers at the ground level. A lack of unified agreement within the leadership team led to inconsistencies in priorities. Unable to clearly draw the line between their own efforts and successful performance led employees to protect local interests over company-wide goals, and even to unintentional (and even some intentional) sabotage across teams.

Applied Methods

Wayforward conducted a strategic planning offsite for the client’s C-Suite and some sales and marketing executives at our facility in Buffalo, New York which brought these leaders into lockstep on shared core goals and the roadmap to get there. As with all of our strategic planning, it focused heavily on realistic, immediate priorities to ensure that there was transparency and buy-in across the team on the next steps – and who was accountable for what.

Due to the previous challenges with strategy falling flat with teams in execution – afterward we served as the Integrator for the organization in developing buy-in from the marketing department’s management team and ensuring successful implementation of the plan’s immediate priorities.

When the KPIs for the short-term priorities were successfully accomplished, all employees involved were celebrated with a departmental trip to Scotland – including everyone receiving their own bespoke kilt!