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Gain actionable insights with employee experience assessments.

Rather than collecting surface-level information, employee experience assessments (EEX) take a deep dive into what your team is doing and thinking, enabling leadership to deliver on the organization’s goals.

The value of truly understanding the employee experience.

Leadership’s goal shouldn’t be to determine whether employees are engaged. It should be to understand the employee experience to identify positive emotional drivers and barriers to their expected performance.

It’s a universal truth that the higher leaders rise in an organization, the less ground-level information they receive. Worse still for a leader – there are fewer people in the organization who will give them the unvarnished truth.

EEX allows executive teams to flag, evaluate, examine, dig deep, and apply specific solutions for the most pressing problems that persist in complex organizations.

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Why engagement surveys and training don’t work.

When well-intentioned companies want to listen to employees and solve front-line problems, they go to the conventional bag of tricks, namely surveys and trainings.

Employee engagement surveys are popular because they are quick, cheap, and easy. However, these surveys are often based on management bias and deliver less-than-stellar results.

And then there are trainings, which are efficient but rarely effective. When employees might consider leadership out of touch, the worst thing you can do is a boring, lecture-style training.

The more productive solution: EEX

EEX is the development of an objective and in-depth understanding of a deceptively simple question, “What is it like to be an employee here?”

Unlike hands-off surveys, EEX utilizes a one-on-one interview format with a representative sample set of your workforce to gather truly in-depth, objective, actionable data.

Our process.

1. Discovery and goal-setting

2. Leadership interviews

3. Employee interviews

4. Report of core competencies and barriers

5. Action plan

Discovery and goal-setting

Leadership interviews

Employee interviews

Report of core competencies and barriers

Action plan

What you gain with EEX.

Actionable information

Employee experience assessments produce objective data sets representative of your entire organization. The data produced is always geared toward being immediately actionable to address what’s currently holding the organization back.

Deeper understanding through powerful analytics

Wayforward’s proprietary data modeling software, developed in conjunction with the Data Analytics Department at the SUNY University at Buffalo’s Jacobs School of Management, is at the core of how we cut through the chaos of an organization’s complexity to produce highly insightful and accurate results. EEX reports serve as a decision-making guidepost for our clients for years to come.

A clear path forward

EEX provides solid recommendations, action plans, and a built-in org dev project manager. Contrast this to engagement surveys, which typically leave leaders with more questions than answers.

Executive Insights

Practitioners of EEX assessments aren’t your average HR representatives. They’re former executives who have been in the shoes of the C-Suite and are after information that can improve the business. They are also highly experienced at establishing rapport and trust with front-line employees. Because the lever of employee experience is intended to improve operations by making their lives easier.

Client Testimonials: Beyond Expectations.

Value-First Pricing: Aligning Costs with Outcomes

EEX assessments are a scalable solution that we have conducted in settings from small businesses to divisions of large, global corporations. Pricing is based on the scale of the assessment phase.

Clients of every size can expect the same quality of analysis and final deliverables.

How EEX helped our clients overcome their internal challenges

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