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Enhance team dynamics by understanding personality types.

As MBTI® Certified Practitioners, we take a hands-on approach to helping organizations improve communication, increase productivity, and foster harmonious working relationships.

Why organizations should invest in personality assessments.

Whether your team performs at a high level or struggles with internal conflicts, there’s always room to enhance communication and interpersonal skills.

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Other ways to solve the problem.

When practical value and results are paramount, it’s become increasingly clear that most personality assessments fall short in their practical application, particularly in the realms of executive leadership and team dynamics. Unlike the MBTI, other assessments are geared exclusively towards individual introspection. They lack the robustness and versatility needed to truly drive team performance, enhance communication, and navigate the complexities of leadership and organizational change.

Our way to solve the problem.

Our stance is uncompromising: these assessments, while accurate in their own right, lack the actionable insights necessary for high-stakes environments. Leaders and teams require tools that not only understand the individual but also how these individuals coalesce into a dynamic, high-functioning unit. It’s about more than just self-awareness; it’s about operational effectiveness, and adaptability under stress. Tools like this need to have utility.

At Wayforward, we leverage the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) to help individuals and teams. Backed by seven decades of research, this tool provides a framework to understand ourselves and our team along the true measure of an assessment tool: its ability to transform teams, cultivate leaders, and adapt to change. It’s about generating results – tangible, impactful, and enduring.

In the realm of personality tools, MBTI® stands out for its real-world applicability. With MBTI®, you’re not just assessing; you’re evolving together towards a new standard of excellence.

Value-First Pricing: Aligning Costs with Outcomes

Pricing for individual MBTI® sessions is a flat rate per participant. This pricing includes assessment licensing and personal copies of the report results. Team sessions are conducted at a flat daily rate.

Individual MBTI® sessions can be conducted remotely or in-person.

An Insightful Journey:

Our MBTI® Process

Our MBTI® process is direct and impactful, tailored for leaders and teams ready to evolve.

We engage with individual leaders interested in tackling the MBTI® assessment on their own, a crucial step in understanding their role in leadership and team dynamics. But the real breakthroughs happen when this journey is shared within an executive team or a peer group in management as a group initiative.

Each participant completes their assessment confidentially through our online portal, supported by professional guidance. Following this, each receives a one-on-one session with a Wayforward MBTI® practitioner. These sessions are about deep discovery and interpretation, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

The completion of individual sessions culminate in a full-day group session, galvanizing the team’s dynamic. These group sessions strike a balance between interactive fun and serious decision-making on current team challenges. We don’t just offer insights; we bring them into play, ensuring immediate, practical application in your team’s decision-making process.

Client Testimonials:
Beyond Expectations.


We are always delighted to host team sessions at our beautiful facility in Buffalo, New York for groups of up to 12 participants, or can travel to the preferred location of you and your team.

We take great pride in making our workspace a home away from home. We frequently host offsites, annual planning meetings, and other events for our clients at our facility on Buffalo’s historic Chandler Street. Our offices are located in a former Bell Aircraft helicopter factory, with a rich WWII-era manufacturing origin. We ensure that time spent with us is respite for your physical and emotional self even if we’re going to ensure you undergo an intense mental workout.

In the case that your organization already has a highly engaged and robust remote culture where genuine participation in similar meetings is vibrant, we can conduct the team sessions remotely. If that is not descriptive of your organization’s remote meetings – we strongly recommend conducting team sessions in person.

Redefine your organization's future with Wayforward.