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Welcome aboard!

Welcome to Wayforward Associates! We’re excited to partner with you as a new client. Our expert team is here to guide you through our innovative process, ensuring you understand each step and the impactful results you can expect.

Setting the stage for a smooth start.

When you provide a service that stands apart in its industry, you have to recognize that clients are going to have a lot of questions. What does this unfamiliar process look like? What are the steps? What are the actual deliverables? How do we make sure this goes smoothly for the people involved? What do we tell our employees? Is this going to be any different than the last time we tried to address it?

This document and the other resources on the Wayforward Associates client onboarding page are intended to familiarize our new clients with our very intentionally curated process and the actual deliverables that you will have in hand when we’re finished with our assessment.

Get Started

The process.

Step 1

Sample Set

Step 2

Workforce Communication

Step 3

Interview Methodology

Step 4

Analysis & Reporting


Intake Form


Uncommon and Highly Effective

Rather than collecting the surface-level information you receive from traditional engagement surveys, a Wayforward employee experience assessment (EEX) takes a deep dive into the day-to-day life of your front-line employees.

EEX produces objective data sets representative of your entire organization. We then combine powerful analytics and expertise to conduct root cause analysis around the human systems of your organization. What’s created is a deliverable geared toward being immediately actionable to address what’s currently holding the organization back.

In other words, we give leadership a truly objective landscape and the reasons behind it. So that they can overcome persistent organizational barriers and deliver on company targets.

Below we explain our process, our interview methodology, and the analysis process. Combining the qualitative value of industrial/organizational psychology techniques with the horsepower of a university-scale data analytics engine, we are able to swiftly produce profoundly accurate and insightful data for executives in ways that internal HR staff and surveys simply cannot.